Fantasy Football is an online fantasy game where you can create a virtual team of players for an upcoming match with real players. As fantasy games are entirely based on your skills, you need keen observation skills and expertise on the players and the game to score maximum points. As you select the real players to create the team, their performance in the upcoming matches decides your score. You earn points based on the player’s performance on the field. At first, you need to pick 11 players to form a team. The team should include 1 to 2 Goal Keepers, 1 to 6 Defenders, 1 to 6 Midfielders, and 1 to 3 Forwards. At last, you should select the Captain and Vice-Captain and lock down your team. If your team members maintain the maximum score throughout the series and are 1st on the leader board, you win the game. If you are a football lover, UFO Fantasy Football will never give you a dull moment. You can predict the game, play the game, and win cash daily. Just build your team in UFO and start playing.  

How to Play Fantasy Football in UFO

Fantasy Football is a game of skill popular in India. The players should have a considerable amount of skill and knowledge to win cash while picking the team. The player should also follow the rules while evaluating their player status. To create the best Fantasy Football team, follow the rules given below.

Step 1 – Login to UFO Fantasy

Download the UFO app on your phone and click on the Fantasy Football Option. Then you will be taken to a page that has the schedule of ‘Upcoming Matches’.

Step 2 – Select a Match

Select a Match you like from the list of matches shown on the Fantasy Home Page.

Step 3 – Create Your Team


  • In UFO Fantasy Football, your team should have 11 Players
  • You can add maximum 7 players from a Team
  • Your team should have players of all skills (Defender, Goal Keeper, Mid Fielder, and Forwards). There are 100credit points assigned to the users to build a team. Each player has their own credit score which varies depending on their form and stature. Your main objective while building a team is to create a balanced team within the 100 credit points.


Step 4 – Choosing the Captain and the Vice-Captain

  • After finalizing your 11 players, choose a captain and Vice-captain for your team
  • The captain will get 2x points for his scores in the match
  • The vice-captain will get 1.5 points for his scores in the current match

Step 5 – Join a Contest

  • There are multiple matches available in UFO Fantasy Football
  • Choose a contest to play
  • The more teams you participate with, the more are your winning chances
  • You can view all the contests you have joined in the “My Contests” tab.
  • You can make as many edits to your team until Kick-off

Step 6 – Follow the Match

  • Through the live score updates, follow the match and track how your players are performing.
  • Analyse the point system and your team score while the match is progressing
  • If you are top on the Leaderboard, whatever cash prize you have won will be credited to your account soon after the scoring is completed.




  • Each player who played for at least 55 minutes in the game can get 2 points.
  • The Captain gets 2x points, and Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points
  • All events during the extra time are awarded points
  • No points are allotted to the player for a penalty shoot-out
  • Other aspects are,
  • Goals scored, assists, passes, tackles saves, clean sheet, penalty earned, penalty saved.


  • Red card
  • Yellow card
  • Penalty conceded
  • Penalty missed
  • Goal conceded
  • Own goal

  Point System In Fantasy Football, the points are awarded by the player’s performance in the live match. Let’s take look at the point system. Attack

Played 55 minutes or more +2 points
Played less than 55 minutes +1 points
For every goal scored by a striker +40 points
For every goal scored (Midfielder) +50 points
For every goal scored (GK/Defender) +60 points
For every Assist +20 points
For every 5 passes completed +1 points
For every shot on target +6 points


Clean Sheet of Goal Keeper/Defender (55mins or more) +5 points
For every Penalty saved (GK) +5 points
For every successful tackles won +4 points
For interception won +4 points
Saves (GK) +6 points

Cards and Other Penalties

For Yellow card -4 points
For Red card -10 points
For every own goal -8 points
For every goal conceded (GK/Defender) -2 points
For every Penalty missed -20 points

Other Points

Captain 2X points
Vice-captain 1X points
In starting 11 +4 points
Coming on as a substitute +2 points


What happens if a match is cancelled?

If the match is cancelled, the user will get a refund of the entry fee they paid.

Can I make changes to the team if a match is delayed?

Yes, you can make changes to your team before the game starts.

What is Prize breakup?

Prize breakup is the distribution of prizes among the teams depending on the ranks achieved.

Can I join multiple contests?

Yes, you can join multiple contests depending on the maximum number of teams allowed in a match.

Is playing Fantasy Football safe in UFO games?

It is absolutely safe to play Fantasy Football in UFO because the app is highly secured &safe.

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