In this game, the player must cut through the fruits which can be controlled by swiping the touch screen. When the fruit appears, the player can swipe their fingers on them in a cutting motion thereby cutting them into 2 pieces. Bonus points are awarded for cutting multiple fruits in one swipe. The player must cut every fruit without touching the bombs. The game will be over if 3 fruits are missed. The bombs appear on the screen occasionally and if you try to cut a bomb the game will be over in that instant. Quick reaction is what is required to play this game. If you get distracted by these delicious fruits it's game over. The more you cut the more are your chances to earn big. Get a chance to earn real money by cutting & slicing fruits. Try to earn maximum in a single cut.

Fruit cut is one of the best and most popular arcade games in history, loved & played by millions Our game gives you a smooth visual and gaming experience that you haven't felt before.

You can play and earn real money from fruit cut games on the UFO Games platform. Points will be the same for every fruit. All that matters is how many you cut, whether one by one or in combo. UFO provides you a golden chance to earn a bag full of money just by cutting delicious fruits. Don't miss this opportunity and start cutting now. Pro gamers are earning more than 1 lakh per day from fruit cuts, so why can't you?? Don't just sit around, play, and be a pro.