Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

“Unlimited Fun Offering” or “UFO” is an online gaming platform owned and operated by UFO Games India Private Limited (Company). As our name suggests, we want our users to enjoy the games available on UFO. If used responsibly, the games available on UFO could enable our users to develop certain skills. While our users use UFO for entertainment, we believe in implementing practiceswhereby our users can use and access UFO in a fair, safe and secure manner.

Your use of UFO is at your own risk. It is imperative that our users are above 18 years of age and accessing UFO from within a jurisdiction in India,where accessing or using UFO and the games are legal. We shall not be liable for any death, injury, loss, complications to health arising out of your use of UFO.

We may collect, process, store and analyse your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy to understand your behaviour on UFO. We may notify users if you are spending time and money on UFO beyond a certain limit. We may also encourage you to take a break if your sessions on UFO exceed a certain limit. During this period, you may not be able to temporarily use or access UFO.In addition to taking adequate breaks, we encourage you to practice digital well-being by restricting your time on the device and avoid using UFO in a state of intoxication due to alcohol or drugs. Kindly note that prolonged exposure to blue light, not placing your device at a reasonable distance, posture etc might have adverse effects on sleep and your overall health and well-being in general. We suggest that you use UFO in a balanced manner to safeguard themselves against any adverse effects as a result of your use of UFO.

The platform or the games available on UFO may contain flashing images, lights, contrasting light and dark patterns and simulations which may cause certain side effects to certain people. If you experience any tiredness, soreness, numbness, burning or tingling sensation, kindly stop using UFO immediately and seek medical help.

A safe and secure surrounding is also important while playing the games on UFO. Do not play any games near any surroundings such as stairs, balconies, windows, moving vehicles etc. Always be aware of your surroundings and ensure that your use of the platform does not pose a threat of injury to you or people near you.

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