Pro Cricket

Pro-cricket is the most entertaining and fun-filled game satisfying any cricket lover. Pro-cricket is a short version of cricket where you can hit sixes and fours in a single swipe to earn points. It is a must-try for every cricket lover where points are awarded when the player hit the ball to the maximum. Three overs are given to a player to hit and the player can earn maximum points with three wickets availing. Just focus along with minimum knowledge of the game is needed to play pro cricket. The one who earns the maximum points will win the game.

Pro Cricket in UFO

UFO offers the most exciting and satisfying Pro-cricket game with a smooth visual gaming experience. Play games online, show off your quick reaction skills, and hit the ball on time to a maximum length to score six and four. How can I Play Pro Cricket in India? Three overs are availed for each player. Each over contains six balls. Each ball, player can hit the ball just by tapping the screen. Timing is the only thing that the player wants to focus on while playing. Missing the ball misses the chance to score.

By hitting a six, the player will get 6 points. By hitting a boundary, the player will get 4 points. With the distance of the ball moving, the player can get 1, 2, or 3 points. The higher you score, the higher you earn. Also, three wickets are availed for each player. While losing the 3rd wicket, the player will lose the game. So, winning maximum points within the given 3 overs without giving a wicket can lead you to win the game. All that matter here is how much you score. Here is your golden chance to win a bag full of money just by playing real cash games of pro cricket.

UFO offers Pro cricket in 2-player, 3-player, and 5-player formats. Your objective is to score more than your opponent. You will be connected randomly to a single player or more as per the format you choose and the highest scorer will be counted as the winner of the game. The players will be rewarded with their ranking on the scoreboard.

Time your shots perfectly and hit the ball out of the ground, that's all you need to do. Stop waiting and get ready to witness the real cricket showdown. Play online multiplayer games with your friends and win money. 

UFO Games offer a free practice mode where you can polish up your skills and then enter into the pro league where actual players compete. Try out the free online games on UFO and make win.  


  • You can play Pro Cricket in UFO just by downloading the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com.  Register with your mobile number and other personal details and install the app.
  • UFO enables multiple payment options to add cash to your account like UPI, Net Banking, and Cards. Add cash to your account and pick your preferred variant in Pro Cricket.
  • While you enter into the game, the bowler will be ready to start the over. 3 overs are given to each player.  
  •  Once a ball is bowled, you should tap the screen to hit the ball.
  • You can hit six, four, or others within the time. With each hit, points are awarded.
  • No points will be given if a ball is missed.
  • 3 wickets are available in total for a single game. While losing the 3rd wicket, you will lose the game.
  • The one who earns the maximum points will win the game.
  • Play Pro Cricket and win money in India.


  • You will get 6 points when you hit a six.
  • You will get 4 points when you hit a four.
  • You will get 1, 2, or 3 points according to the timing of the hit.

Pro Cricket F & Q

1. How can I score high scores in Pro Cricket?

You can score more points in Pro Cricket just by focusing on the game and tapping the screen at the correct time.

2. How many overs are available in Pro Cricket?

There are three overs available in Pro Cricket.

3. How many wickets are available in Pro Cricket?

Only three wickets are available in a Pro Cricket game. The game ends after that.

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