Kick master is a fascinating and entertaining hyper-casual game that is a perfect blend of action and strategy. The proper and fast movement of the hands of the player matters here to score points. The player is destined to kick the trunk of the tree quickly while avoiding the hitting of branches.

Kick Master in UFO

Kick Master is the most entertaining and engrossing best hyper-casual game in UFO Games. UFO’s Kick Master is a simple yet engaging online game insisting the player kick faster to earn points. The game is completely a skill-based one that helps the player deepen their focus and quick reaction skills. Try out the best online games here at UFO and win money.

To play Kick Master in UFO, download the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. The user can find the game in the app scheduled with entry fees. Submitting the entry fee, the user will be redirected to their chosen mode of the game, connected with a random player.

UFO’s Kick Master game is a simple action game that can be played by anyone. Once enter the game, the player will be standing under a tree with branches on each side of the trunk. The player wants to kick the trunk and score points, but to take care of avoiding the branches by moving on each side. Kicking the trunk will get 10 points each. Also, the game is over once the branch hits the player. 1.5 minutes will be given in total to the user. The one who earns the maximum points in the given time will be considered the winner.

Also, a life bar is given at the top of the tree which shows the energy that the player has got to continue playing. Life will increase while kicking the trunk continuously. Likewise, once the player takes time for the next kick, their life will decrease. Once life ends, the game is over.

The game will automatically end after 1.5 minutes. The game is available in a two-player format and a multi-player format. A free version of the game is also available in the app for the user to train and get to know the nature of the game. Make use of the free online games and real cash games at UFO.

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  • You can play KICK MASTER in UFO just by downloading the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com.
  • Register by adding your mobile number and other personal details to the app.
  • UFO offers multiple payment options to add cash to your account like UPI, Net Banking, and Cards. Add cash to your account and start playing Kick Master.
  • While playing the game, you will be connected to a random player.
  • A total of 1.5 minutes is there in the game.
  • The player should kick the trunk of the tree speedy and quickly to score points.
  • 10 points will be added on each kick.
  • Avoid the branches of the tree by moving to each side of the tree.
  • There is a life bar given at the top to show the remaining energy of the player. It will increase while kicking continuously. Also, it will decrease when you take time for another kick.
  • If you touch the branches of the tree, or lose your life, the game ends.
  • The player who earns the maximum points within the given time will win the game.


  • For each kick at the trunk, you will get 10 points.


  • Game is over after one and a half minutes. 
  • Game over when the user touches the branch.
  • Game over when the energy of the life bar ends.


How can I score high in Kick Master?

Fastly kicking the trunk without touching the branches of the tree can earn maximum scores.

How many rounds are there in the Kick Master game?

There are no particular levels in Kick Master. Only time matters here.

Is Kick Master a skill-based game?

Yes, Kick Master is a skill-based game that helps deepen your focus and quick reaction skills.

How to play Kick Master online?

Speedily kick the trunk of the tree by touching the screen while avoiding the branches by moving on each side.

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