Fruit Cut is one of the most famous and thrilling arcade games loved & played by millions. Fruit Cut is a skill-based game that helps to improve focus and quick reaction skills whereas the player should cut the fruits that pop up on the screen just by swiping fingers across the screen in a cutting motion. Points are awarded when fruits are cut into pieces. Bonus points are awarded for cutting multiple fruits in a single swipe. In this game, the player must cut all the fruits that pop up on the screen. If the player misses 3 fruits, then the game ends. So, the players need to stay focused to ensure that they don’t miss a single slice. Bombs also pop up along with the fruits. The game will automatically end if the player tries to slice the bomb. The more you cut, the more you earn. Try to win money just by playing games online and slicing the fruits. 


UFO offers the most exciting and fun-filling best Fruit Cut game online in India with a smooth and visual gaming experience that you haven’t felt before. Show off your quick reaction skills and slice the fruits on your screen for unlimited time to win money. Every fruit you slice is having the same point. Each fruit is worth 5 points. The point varies with the combo. Make combos of two or more fruits to earn more points. The higher you score, the higher you earn. Play for hours and score on each second. All that matters here is how much you cut, whether it is one by one or in a combo. UFO provides you a golden chance to earn a bag full of money just by cutting delicious fruits. 

UFO offers the best hyper-casual games live both in one-versus-one format and in multi-player multi-winner format. The various formats available in Fruit Cut are 2-player format, 3-player format, and 5-player format and your objective is to score more than your opponent. Try Fruit Cut online multiplayer games at UFO. Fruit Cut tournaments will also be conducted for users to earn more cash prizes. In tournaments, the player can play as much as they want and the highest score will be counted on the scoreboard. The players will be rewarded with their ranking on the scoreboard. Don't just sit around, play free online Fruit Cut games, be a pro and win amazing prizes.


  • You can play Fruit Cut in UFO just by downloading the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. Register with your mobile number and other personal details and install the app. 
  • UFO enables multiple payment options to add cash to your account like UPI, Net Banking, and Cards. Add cash to your account and pick your preferred variant in Fruit Cut.
  • You will see many fruits pop up on your screen while you join the game. Swipe your fingers across the screen to cut the fruits into pieces. 
  • You will get points for each slice.
  • To add more points, make combo slices in a single swipe. 
  • One life will lose if a fruit is missed. 3 lives are available in total. 
  • Avoid the bombs popup with the fruits. The game will end if you hit a bomb. 
  • The one who earns maximum points will win the game.


  • You will get 5 points if you slice a single fruit.
  • You will get 8 points for a 2 fruits combo.
  • You will get 13 points for a 3 fruits combo.
  • You will get 17 points for a 4 fruits combo.
  • You will get 27 points for a 5 fruits combo.
  • You will get 35 points for a 6 fruits combo.
  • You will get 50 points for a 7 fruits combo.


  • Only three lives are available for a player. Avoiding more than 3 fruits will cause the end of the game.
  • You are not allowed to hit a bomb while slicing the fruits. The game will end if you try to slice a bomb. 

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How can I score high scores in Fruit Cut?

Slice the fruits in combos as fast as you can in a single swipe to score maximum points.

How many fruits can I slice in a combo?

You can slice as many fruits as you can in a single swipe to make a combo.

How many lives are available in Fruit Cut?

Only three lives are available in a fruit Cut game. The game ends after that.

Does each type of fruit represent different points?

No, each fruit is worth 5 points. Do not focus on a single fruit. Slice as much as you can to earn more points.

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