Archery is the recreation of the traditional bow and arrow game into a modern sport. In prehistoric times, people used bow and arrow for hunting and fighting. Now it has evolved as a major sporting event even in the Olympics and other World games.

The traditional form of Archery game is played with arrows and a target board. The archer aims to shoot an arrow at the target board to collect points. The target will be shown as a circular board divided into different colors. The one who shoots at the center will earn maximum points and win the game.

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Archery in UFO

Archery is one of the most engaging and fascinating hyper-casual games in UFO Games. Online Archery game has recently grown popular much like other online games. UFO’s Archery game follows the traditional form of Archery, shooting arrows targeting the board. The game is completely a skill-based one that helps the player improve their focus and quick reaction skills. Try out the free online games at UFO to win money.

To play Archery games on UFO Games, download the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. The user can find the game scheduled with entry fees in the app. Submitting the entry fee, the user will be connected to a random player.

UFO’s Archery game has a total of 5 rounds, each round having specific moves and targets. The user should aim and shoot the target within the given number of moves or arrows to go to the next level. The first four rounds have 7 moves each with a target of 4. In the 5th round, 12 moves are availed with a target of 8. If the user runs out of moves in a level with remaining targets, the game ends with no chance to move on to the next level. 2 minutes are given in total to complete the game. The one who earns the maximum points in the given time will win the match. 

The targets are shown as a circular board with stripes divided into four colors, each representing different points. The four colors are yellow, red, blue, and white with yellow starting from the center. The highest score that the archer can achieve with a single shot is 10, shooting at the center of the board that is in yellow. The points reduce as you go down. Shooting the red, blue, and white colors gives you 8, 6, and 4 points respectively. Arrows missing the target did not score at all.

Also, the remaining moves that the archer saved in each round will be added to the total score they have earned. The one who earns maximum points in less time with the most saved moves will be considered the winner.

The game will automatically end after 2 minutes. The game is available in a one-versus-one format and a multi-player multi-winner format. A free version of the game is also available for the user to get to know the nature of the game. Try out the free online games and the real cash games of Archery.

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  • You can play Archery in UFO just by downloading the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com.
  • Add your mobile number and other personal details to register.
  • UFO offers multiple payment options to add cash to your account like UPI, Net Banking, and Cards. Add cash to your account and start playing Archery.
  • You will be connected to a random player while starting the game.
  • There are 5 levels in the game.
  • In the first level, 4 targets are given to shoot with 7 arrows or moves.
  • The same continues in the next three rounds also.
  • In the 5th level, 8 targets are given with 12 arrows to shoot.
  • Just hold the bow and release the arrow when the target is visible on the screen. Shoot the target correctly.
  • Save maximum moves in each round.
  • The one who shoots the center (yellow ring) will earn a maximum score of 10.
  • 2 minutes are given in total to complete the 5 rounds.
  • When the user runs out of moves, the game ends.
  • The player who earns the maximum points will win the game.
  • Total points are calculated with the total score earned by the archer + the remaining number of moves in each round.



  • Game is over after two minutes.
  • Game over when the user runs out of moves.

Archery is one of the most successful hyper-casual games in India now, played by millions. Try free archery games in India and make it worth.


How can I score high in Archery?

Focus on shooting the yellow ring as soon as possible without wasting many arrows to score high in Archery.

How long is each round in the Archery game?

2 minutes are given in total to complete the game. There is no time distinction at each level.

Is Archery a skill-based game?

Yes, Archery is a skill-based game that helps deepen your focus and quick reaction skills.

How to play Archery online?

Touch the screen and aim the arrow. Drag and release the finger to shoot the target at the correct time.

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