Fruit Sudoku is the best puzzle game online based on the traditional sudoku where the fruit shouldn’t be repeated in the same row, column, or in the 3*3 sub-grid. Fruit Sudoku is exactly another version of Sudoku with a 9*9 matrix. A partially completed matrix will be given to the player with an already fixed solution. The main objective of the player is to fill the gaps in the matrix with the fruits given. Fruit Sudoku, one of the most popular puzzle games for android ever, is an excellent brain training game that helps improve memory power, and concentration skills and prevent brain aging. 


Fruit Sudoku in UFO is a logic-based puzzle game where you can use your logic, memory power, and concentration skills to play the game. In Fruit Sudoku, the board is broken down into nine 3*3 sub squares where you can arrange the nine different fruits in each cell without repeating. You will find the most interesting variant of the Sudoku game here in UFO. Start playing free online puzzles at UFO, the best Sudoku app to play with friends.

What is Fruit Sudoku Game? UFO’s Fruit Sudoku is a brainstorming puzzle played between two players. To start gaming, you can just download the UFO app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. In the UFO app, you can find different games scheduled with entry fees. You can select your match and start solving your puzzle. 

While submitting the entry fee, the player will be matched with another player randomly. Both the combatants will get the same puzzle. The player who scores maximum by filling the most number of cells within the given time will win the game. Complete the grid just by using your logic.  

In UFO Fruit Sudoku, you will find the 9*9 sudoku grids which are again divided into each column, row, and 3*3 sub-grids. The grids are partially filled with some fruits in the beginning. You need to fill the remaining rows, columns, and sub-grids with the fruits given at the bottom of the table. For each correct filling, you will get 5 points. Fill in the blank boxes correctly to earn maximum points. The maximum time available to complete the game is three minutes. The winner is decided with the points given to each player.

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HOW TO PLAY       

  • Fruit Sudoku is a logic-based game that doesn’t require any skill in maths. As in Sudoku, the fruit must be limited to a single occurrence.  
  • The game is played in a 9*9 matrix which contains 9 different fruits in such a way that each column, row, and 3*3 block should be filled with the 9 fruits given without repetition. 
  • Each fruit should appear only once in a row, column, or block.
  • The players have to fill in all the blank squares within three minutes.
  • Only 5 lives are given to a player. One life will lose if one wrong filling is done. If the player loses 5 lives, the player will lose the game.
  • The fruits the player wants to fill in will be given at the bottom of the table. The player can click on the fruit and then click on the assigned cell to fill in the fruit. 
  • If fruit is filled in all the columns, rows, and blocks, that particular fruit will be disabled automatically at the bottom session.
  • The timer will be given at the top of the puzzle. The timer will show the remaining time to end the game.   


  • If a player fills the correct fruit in a cell, he/she will score 5 points.
  • If a player fills the correct fruits in a row, he/she will score 50 points.
  • If a player fills the correct fruits in a column, he/she will score 50 points.
  • If a player fills the correct fruits in a sub-grid or box, he/she will score 50 points.
  • If the player fills a correct answer in a cell, 2 seconds will be given extra.
  • If a player fills a wrong answer in a cell, 1 life will be gone out of 5 lives given. Any row, column, or sub-grid containing the same fruit two times or more will be considered incorrect or wrong. 
  • The main goal of the player is to earn a higher score in order to defeat the opponent and win the game.


Fruit Sudoku is the best sudoku app for android yet somewhat difficult to play at the beginning because you want to focus on the row, column, and sub-grid at the same time. Here are some tips to play Fruit Sudoku easily.

  • Begin with the Fruit Sudoku practice games to understand the game properly and to get on track.
  • It will be easier to work out the solution if you first focus on the row, column, or sub-grid that contains five or more fruits filled.
  • Visually break the matrix into rows, columns, and sub-grids to focus on the game. This way you can evaluate which fruits are absent in the subsequent rows, columns, and sub-grids. 
  • While you are finalizing your result, make sure that the same row, column, and sub-grid is not having that particular fruit. 
  • Use the note-mode option to find out the correct answer. In the note-mode option, you can slightly note the possible answer before finalizing it. 
  • When you are looking at a cell and finding more than one possible answer, use the elimination process to fill the gap.

Fruit Sudoku is one of the best instant games to play with friends.


What is the difference between Sudoku and Fruit Sudoku?

Fruit Sudoku is another version of Sudoku where numbers are replaced with fruits.

Is Fruit Sudoku difficult to learn?

No. Fruit Sudoku is a slight variant of Sudoku. You can practice the free games to learn the tricks and tactics.

Is Fruit Sudoku helpful to improve my concentration skills?

Yes, Fruit sudoku enhances your concentration skills and memory power.

What does the color red in a cell represent?

The color red indicates that the answer you assumed is wrong.

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