Snake and Ladder

Snake and Ladder is one of the most popular and entertaining traditional Indian board games, popularised worldwide over the years. It is a game played on a board, which has square grids numbered 1 to 100. Along with numbers, a sum of ‘ladders and snakes’ are also picturized on the board, each connecting two specific board squares. Each player is given a distinct game piece to mark their moves in the grids. The players can start playing by navigating their game piece from the first square (1) to the last (100) in accordance with the rolling of the dice. Once the player reaches the bottom of a ladder, they can climb the ladder. At the same time, they can be hindered by falling down snakes. The one who first reaches the top square will win the game.  

Snake and Ladder is a simple and relaxing game popular among adults and children equally with the easiness to play. Although the game implied morality at its beginning, people all across the world play the game now as a way of entertainment.


            Missed the traditional Snake & Ladder game once you played with your family and friends? A new version of the Snake & Ladder game is here for you to play. Fill your heart with joy by playing the top trending games in India.

Snake & Ladder is presenting here online with new shades. You can play Snake & Ladder online at UFO games in a 2-player format. To join the contest, you can download Snakes and Ladders from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. In the app, you can find your match scheduled with entry fees.

Submitting the entry fee, the user will be connected to a random player and redirected to the game. A single player has availed 18 moves that are already given down at the bottom panel. The player is having 3 game pieces to play.  With the given 18 moves, the player can plan their moves earlier to reach the maximum numbers.

The user can move whichever piece they wanted, aiming at the ladders. If the player reaches the bottom of a ladder, they can climb the ladder. The same, once they reach the mouth of the snake, they will slip down to the tail end of the snake.

The 18 moves given in the game are randomly distributed and each number from 1 to 6 is randomly generated 3 times in the list. For example, No.3 will appear 3 times in a game for a user. So, the sum total of the numbers given for each player will be the same.

The opponent’s next move can be seen at the bottom of the panel. So, the player can plan their next move accordingly.

15 seconds are availed for a single move. If the player failed to make a move within the time specified, they will lose a life. Three lives are given to a player. Once they lose the 3 lives, the game ends. One exception to this is when the beginner of the game fails to make the first move.

If the game pieces of the opponents overlap in the same grid or number, the one who reached later can knock out the other. Hence, the player should start playing from the beginning. If a player’s two or more game pieces or tokens are placed in the same grid, then the opponent cannot knock out them.

The game will automatically end after the 18 moves and the winner will be decided with the sum total of the numbers the game pieces are positioned. The one who gets higher points will win the game. 

Unlike the traditional form of Snake and Ladder as a game of luck, the Snake & Ladder at UFO Games is absolutely skills-based. The 18 moves given to the players are the same but randomly generated. With the moves given earlier, the player can plan their moves to navigate to maximum numbers. It will also help avoid the snakes and climb the ladders. Also, the player can see the opponent’s next move earlier to calculate and knock out the opponent. 

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  • You can play snake & ladder in UFO just by downloading the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. Add your mobile number and personal details to register in the app.
  • Add cash to your account to start playing games. UFO offers multiple payment options in the app like UPI, Net Banking, and Cards.
  • You can choose Snake & Ladder from the list of games and you will be connected to a random player.
  • You can see the 18 possible moves of yours at the bottom panel.
  • Start playing by moving your choice of pieces in accordance with the number given.
  • Try to reach maximum numbers in fewer moves by aiming the ladders.
  • Avoid snakes as much as possible.
  • Knock out your opponent’s pieces if possible and move faster.
  • 15 seconds are given for a move. If you lose one of your moves, you will lose a life. Only three lives are given to a player.
  • The sum total of the numbers your game pieces are positioned considers your points.
  • The one who earns the maximum points after the 18 moves will win the game.
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There is only one way to gain points in Snake & Ladder and that is to move your pieces to maximum numbers. The sum total of the numbers your game pieces are positioned after your 18 moves is considered your points. Play games to earn money.

Game Over

  • Game will automatically end after the 18 moves of the user.
  • Game will end when the user lost their 3 lives in the game.

Snake and Ladder F & Q

Is Snake & Ladder a skill-based game?

Yes, Snake & Ladder is a skill-based game that trains your brain to improve your concentration skills and memory power.

Is knock-out possible in Snake & Ladder?

Yes, once you overlap the opponent’s game piece or token, you can knock out them.

Is there a chance to choose our next move in Snake & Ladder?

No, it will be randomly given to the players. The player can move whichever piece they wanted to after seeing the numbers.

Is pausing between the game possible in Snake & Ladder?

No. You should continue playing the game within the allotted time. Otherwise, you will lose the game.

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