Point Carrom

Carrom is the most entertaining board game that originated and popularised in India. A variety of carrom games are now played widely among all age groups. UFO offering a new version of the traditional carrom game – Point Carrom to play. As the name suggests, Point Carrom focuses on the points given on the coins. A total of 19 coins are given on the board with a striker. Each coin is labeled with multiples of 3, starting from 3 to 57. Like pocketing the coins in freestyle carrom, the user can pot any coin within the given time. But only 10 moves are assigned to each player to pot the coins. So, the user should focus more on the points given on the coin to win the game.

Point Carrom is one of the best board games of all time. It is an extension of the carrom game with more excitement and fun. Practice your skills on free online games and join real cash games.

How to play

  • To play Point Carrom online multiplayer game, download the UFO app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com.
  • While adding cash to your account, you can opt for the game you want to play.
  • You will be connected to a random player while you enter the game.
  • A maximum of 2 minutes and 10 moves are availed for each player to pocket the coins.
  • Each coin is having a specific number in it. If the player pockets the coin, the number in it turns out to be the point of the game.
  • For e.g.; if the player pockets the coin with the number 50, the player will get 50 points.
  • The player can aim for any coin they want to.
  • The aim of the player is to pocket the maximum coins with the highest point within a limited time.
  • To target the coin, the user can drag the disk given below the carrom table to the left and right. After setting an angle, you can drag the finger backward to release the striker.
  • If the player pots the striker to the pocket, it will be considered a foul and the game ends.
  • The one who scores the maximum will win the game.

Game over

  • Game over after two minutes
  • Game over after 10 moves
  • Game over if you accidentally pot the striker.


  • The point is decided with the number given on each coin.

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Point Carrom F & Q

Why Point Carrom is different from Carrom?

In Point Carrom, the user should focus on the points given on each coin and pot the coins with a bigger point to win the game.

What happens if I accidentally pot the striker to the pocket?

The game will end if a foul happens.

How many moves are there in point Carrom?

10 moves are availed for each user to complete the game.

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