Carrom Classic

Carrom is a tabletop game that originated and popularised in India and is considered the best board games of all time, commonly played among families including children. It is one of the easiest and most popular board games in India to play and win. Carrom usually plays on a square board with a pocket in each corner. A carrom set contains 20 pieces; a striker, a queen in red color, and 9 white and black coins each for each player. Carrom is played with these small disks of two colors with a special queen disk in red color. The disks are designed to slide when struck and are made with a smooth surface to slide easily. They are struck by a striker which is larger than the disks. The player’s main goal is to obstruct the opponent’s carrom pieces. 

    Carrom has been the most fun-filling and entertaining indoor game for Indians with unforgettable memories created by family and friends. UFO proffers a chance to recollect those memories with the new version of the carrom once you played. Board games are on the rise currently due to the pandemic situation.    
UFO espoused the traditional Indian board game structure of carrom in a new cover incorporated with advanced technologies. In UFO, the user can opt for the Standard version of the game, having the characteristics of traditional carrom. The platform offers a chance to play the game in opposition to a random player. The opponent may be given in accordance with the skill of the player. While playing with different combatants each time, the user gets a chance to connect with worldwide players and improve their skills. 
The biggest reason for playing carrom in UFO is the cash prizes you can win along with the refreshment. UFO offers a safe and secure platform to play. Practice your skills with the free online games offered and join real cash games. Log in to UFO, the most trustworthy gaming platform, to play and win money.   

    Are you tired of carrying the heavy carrom board with you all time? Here comes an interesting way to play the thrilling carrom game with us anywhere at any time. Just download the UFO app and start gaming.
    The UFO app offers the best Board Games for android in India. Download the app from www.ufogamesindia.com. Once you have downloaded the UFO App on your phone, install and register yourself by adding your personal information, mobile number, and other details. Then click on the Carrom game among the various other online multiplayer games on the platform and start playing.
    Each game is scheduled with an entry fee. After submitting the entry fee, the player will be matched randomly with another player to compete. The only task of the player to get points and win the game is to pocket all the coins along with the queen. 
    The version of carrom available in UFO games is the Standard Carrom. 
In the standard carrom, the user will get either black or white coins to play. The user should aim and hit the assigned coins to the pocket. The one who first pockets all the coins along with the queen will win the game. 

•    Setting the angle: To target the coin, you can use your finger to drag the disk left and right within the striker line. Then set an angle to hit the coin. To release the striker, drag your finger backward.  
•    Aim the Queen: You can aim the queen whenever you get a chance while playing. But to cover the queen, you should put a carrom man after the queen. If the player fails to cover the queen, the queen will be put back in the center of the board.
•    Fouls: If you pot the striker along with your coin in the pocket, you may lose one of your coins back to the board. 
•    Save one coin to cover: The player’s main goal is to pocket all the coins. Remember to save one coin to cover after pocketing the queen.  

What are the rules of Carrom Classic?
•    Carrom Classic is played between 2 players
•    The first one to strike the coin is decided randomly
•    Each player gets a chance to strike the coin alternatively
•    You will get another turn when you pot an assigned coin
•    You need to cover the queen by potting another coin
•    It is a foul when you pot the striker
•    Pocketing the last coin before covering the queen is a foul
•    A coin will be returned to the center for each foul 

Carrom Classic F & Q

Is playing carrom in UFO safe?

UFO ensures a safe platform to play carrom by easy deposit, transfer, and withdrawal of money with its fair play policy.

How can I add cash to my carrom account?

UFO offers different types of payment options to add money to your account. You can use Paytm, UPI, or Card Transfer method to add money.

Is practice games available on UFO carroms?

UFO gives you the option to practice carrom as much as you want on the free battle mode.

How many modes are available in UFO carroms?

A standard version of Carroms and a Point Carrom is available in UFO.

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