Flash League

Get a chance to win monthly rewards up to ₹15000 just by playing your favorite games at UFO.

UFO introduces the user to the Flash League which helps the user earn money every month just by playing games.

Win or Lose doesn't matter here. A leaderboard is created based on the points determined by how much money you spend on each contest.

The person with the highest score will be at the top of the leaderboard and get ₹2500. The person who holds the second position will receive ₹1200. Likewise, ₹700, ₹500, ₹400 & ₹300 will be given to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th positions respectively. A player can win ₹100 if they are in the 7th to 100th position.

The sum the player contributed will be converted to points after the contest prize has been delivered. The gamer can make more money than only the winnings.

Why wait when chances are knocking at your door? Start playing and earn points.

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