Fairplay Policy

Fair Play Policy

  1. Use of The Platform

    1. By registering on, downloading, browsing, using, or accessing www.ufogamesindia.com, and mobile applications (overall, the “Platform”) for participating in varying fantasy games given in the platform (broadly referred to as “Games”) and any promotional which may also include free-to-play games, you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and privacy policies given on UFO Games website and mobile application, and the terms prescribed here under (“Terms”).

    2. In the UFO Terms, any use of the words “You”, “User”, “They”, “Them”, “Their” or any similar expressions shall denote any user of the UFO platform whatsoever. Also, terms such as “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “UFO Games”, or other similar expressions shall mean UFO Games Private Limited.

    3. If any time the User does not agree to accept the Terms given, on a continuing basis, they should not access the Games offered on the Platform.

    4. We own the right to periodically review, change, replace, or update any part of these Terms as it deems necessary at its discretion.

    5. Updates to these Terms will be posted on the Platform’s website as appropriate. The Users are required to periodically visit this page to stay informed on any changes to the terms of use of the Platform. If a user continues to use the Platform after any updates or changes or replacements have been made, it indicates their acceptance of these modifications.

    6. We may at Our sole discretion

      1. Restrict, suspend, or terminate any User’s right to participate in Games.

      2. Change, suspend, or discontinue all or any part of the Games.

      3. Establish general guidelines and restrictions for involvement in the Games.

    7. In the event that a User violates these terms, or if it is believed that they have participated in the games illegally or inappropriately, the company reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate their ability to participate in all or any part of the games, without prior notice. The company may also bar the user from future participation and further take legal action as deemed necessary. The decision regarding the matter will be made at the sole discretion of the company.

  1. Eligibility

  1. The Users participating in the games must be 18 years of age on the date of the commencement of the Games you are registering to.

  2. Additionally, individuals who are unable to enter into contracts as defined by the Indian Contract Act 1872 (“incompetent to contract”) including minors, un-discharged insolvents, etc are not eligible to play Games.

  3. Users who reside in any state in India where participating, organizing, or conducting such Games is prohibited are not eligible to play Games.

  4. The Games offered on the Platform may be subject to additional conditions or rules specific to the particular Game(s) or eligibility policies. These rules are deemed to be incorporated into these terms and must be agreed to by the user before playing any such Games on the Platform. If these rules are in conflict with the Terms, the rules will take precedence.

  1. Fair Play Violations

  1. A fair play violation (“Fair Play Violation”) means any activity of Users who violate UFO’s policies. The violation includes:
    1. An activity that uses unfair means to manipulate the games and their outcomes on the platform irrespective of whether it is in favour of the user adopting such means;

    2. Fraudulent, illegal, or unfair activities as determined by UFO Games.

    3. Use of unauthorized components, cheats, exploits, bots, hacks, or any third-party software to modify, mine, or decrypt the platform;

    4. Collusion between two or more players to manipulate the game results, thereby amounting to syndicate playing;

    5. Any transmission of files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or similar software programs that harmfully affect another’s computer or UFO platform;

    6. Any activity that falls under the Prohibit Conduct that is given in Clause 4 below;

  2. By registering and using the platform, users agree not to participate in any fair play violations and those who violate the policy or are found guilty of a Fair Play Violation, will face consequences as specified in Clause 5 below.
  1. Prohibited Content

    1. The following behaviours are considered prohibited on the UFO Platform:

      1. Using multiple accounts to play the same Game

      2. Using multiple accounts to collude with other Users to unfairly make rewards while playing any game

      3. Using any form of external assistance to play any Games

      4. Use of unauthorized components, cheats, exploits, bots, hacks, or third-party software to alter, intercept, decrypt, or mine the platform.

      5. Spreading spam, illegal content, or unauthorized communication to other players or employees of UFO games.

      6. Using the platform as a means of money transfer between persons or other accounts, or any conduct that results in money laundering or other illicit activities under Indian law.

      7. The uploading of or registration of user content or ID that is racist, discriminatory, vulgar, offensive, or violates the law is not permitted on the platform

      8. Any actions that result in an excessively large load on the platform's infrastructure are not allowed

    2. Users are responsible for ensuring that all required KYC documentation is accurate and legitimate upon registering on the platform. Any attempts to submit false or fraudulent information will result in immediate termination of the User account along with potential legal consequences.

    3. Communication on the platform must be limited to matters related to the Platform and any use of offensive or illegal communication with any person on the Platform may result in the termination of the User's access to the platform. The following types of communication are strictly prohibited:

      1. The use of vulgar or abusive language, racist statements, and offensive comments regarding religion or caste is prohibited;

      2. Soliciting, spamming, or causing any form of annoyance through the chat feature is not allowed;

      3. Flooding the chat window with repetitive messages or any form of persistent unwanted communication is prohibited;

      4. Advertising or promoting products or services from third parties is not permitted on the platform;

      5. The creation and distribution of malicious or defamatory content about the platform or its users is prohibited;

      6. The revelation of personal information such as email addresses, contact numbers, and postal addresses is not allowed.

5. Consequences of Fair Play Violations

  1. Users who violate UFO’s policies. The violation includes:5.1 All games on the platform are monitored for any Fair Play Violation, and the detection of such violations may result in immediate termination of the involved User's accounts, along with the freezing of any funds in the account until the issue is resolved.
  2. Users who engage in Fair Play Violation may be permanently banned from the platform, their accounts blocked, and any funds frozen with these Terms. This includes the Users who benefited from the violation and those who participated or aided in committing the violation.
  3. In the event of a suspected Fair Play Violation, the platform reserves the right to investigate and monitor the User's account and gameplay for a period of time deemed necessary by the platform.
  4. The funds in the account of Users found guilty of Fair Play Violations may be temporarily frozen for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Platform. The investigation will encompass all games played by the User since their registration on the Platform.
  5. If, after investigation, the platform determines that the User's account has engaged in Fair Play Violations, the platform may take the following actions to the extent of the amount which is involved:
    1. Forfeit the funds in the user's account on the platform.
    2. If found guilty of Fair Play Violations, the Platform may repatriate the affected funds to the individuals who have been impacted. In addition, the Platform may also impose a Fair Play Violation fee of up to ₹10,000 or three times the entry fee paid by the User for the game in question (whichever is higher) per instance of Fair Play Violation. The fee is meant to cover the reasonable costs and damages incurred by the Platform due to the violation. The fee may be deducted from the User's UFO Games account funds or, in case of insufficient funds, may be claimed through legal means. This fee may be in addition to any other legal actions taken by the platform against the User for the same instance of Fair Play Violation.
  6. If an investigation into a Fair Play Violation result in financial harm to an affected User, the total loss and any additional penalties imposed by UFO Games will be recovered from the frozen funds of the responsible User. If the funds are not enough to cover the amount, UFO Games reserves the right to take legal action to recover it. The balance funds will be released to the User in accordance with applicable laws.
  7. UFO Games has the authority to conduct a review of any Game or User at any moment, and if any violation of the Fair Play Policy is found, appropriate penalties and actions as outlined in the Terms and Conditions will be imposed. The detection and enforcement of a Fair Play Violation on the Platform has no time limit.
  1. Redressal for Genuinely Affected Users

    1. A "Genuinely Affected User" is defined in this Terms as:

      1. A player who incurs a direct financial loss during a Game due to Fair Play Violations by other players.

      2. A player who does not engage in Fair Play Violations and experiences a financial loss due to a game cancellation caused solely by technical errors or other issues with the Platform.

    2. The UFO games team will review and confirm the eligibility of Genuinely Affected Users for a refund of their entry fees for the affected Game. Such refunds will follow the platform's policies on Game cancellation and refund.

    3. Genuinely Affected Users must report any Fair Play Violation within 72 hours by emailing support@ufogamesindia.com. or using the help section on the platform. The UFO games team will investigate the reported Game and respond within 72 hours, taking necessary action as per the Game cancellation and refund policy.

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